Hello! My name is Will and I'm the designer behind the online scavenger hunts on this website!

I have a background as an electronics engineer and perform full-time as a magician in Australia. I have a passion for making things and providing fun experiences for people which is why I started Online Scavenger Hunts and I hope you enjoy playing the virtual escape rooms as much as I enjoyed designing them!

Happy playing and please see the FAQs section below :)

Frequently asked questions

How do I play one of the games?

Your team requires a game code to play any of our games. To obtain a game code you can purchase one by clicking "Pay & Play" from our "Games" website homepage and following the instructions in the receipt download. Don't forget to enter your dicount code at the checkout to make use of our current 60% sale! Our games are also available on various voucher platform websites. If you have purchased a game code via one of these sites then follow the instructions in their receipt to play the game and do not purchase a code through our website.

Can our team play remotely over a video call?

Yes! Zoom or Teams!

What can I expect from the game?

Games are played via a gamemaster bot that provides questions and takes your answers to progress you through the game and narrate the story for your team. The clues send you all around the internet in search of answers.

What do I need to play the game?

All you need is a laptop, internet connection, team and your best problem-solving mind!

I accidentally left the game halfway through, what should I do?

It is important that you don't close the game once you have started playing. However, if you do, simply just click the game link in your receipt to open the game portal again and enter your last correct answer to take you to the point in the game that you left off (don't re-enter your game code at this stage otherwise you will start the game from the beginning again). If you do close the game and come back to play your team will be penalised 30 hints and 30 answers so it is important to keep the game window open wen you are playing if you want to get a good score on the leaderboard!

Are our scores posted on the leaderboard?

Yes, the finishing time for every team is posted up on the leaderboard at the end of the game. See your finishing time in the "Leaderboard" page on the website. A link to your leadboard will be provided at the end of the game for you to access too.

How long do the games take to complete?

The estimated completion times for each game are shown in the game descriptions on the "Games" homepage. Click "Learn more" on each game to see more information along with the estimated completion time.