All the games can be played remotely over Teams, Zoom or in person.


Our games are designed for players to engage through an online chatbot that guides the team through the clues on a web interface.  


Each game has a fun storyline which underpins the clues in the game. We have included interesting facts as well as some fun GIFs and images to keep everyone entertained. 


Each game lasts for approximately and is ideal for a Friday afternoon activity.  


The game requires critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as working under time pressure to beat other teams! 

Users will need to have a basic understanding of computers and Google can be used to help solve some of the more difficult clues. 


The games can be played in teams of three, four or five. By working together the game strengthens team cohesiveness and team members can learn from each other. 


A tailored leaderboard also encourages some healthy competitiveness!


Online Scavenger Hunts offer several games which can be paid immediately for a one-off fee of ??? per group.

The themes of the games are featured below with a brief synopsis. 

How do they buy? Do they need to contact you first or buy now? 


We also offer personalised games which can be tailored to specific organisations. Click here to find out some more information. 

Cowboy on Horse
Game 1

Cowboy's & Indians's 

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Reading a Compass
Game 2

A Travellers Adventure

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Space Army
Game 3

Into The Galaxy 

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