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Check out our best online escape rooms!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We’ve released our best online escape rooms yet and they're available to play by anyone from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection, laptop, and your best team minds and you can play immediately!

See our online escape room games available HERE!

Online escape rooms for remote employees and students:

If you are looking for a fun work activity then one of our virtual escape room team building experiences could be just the thing for you! Whether it's a distance learning scavenger hunt or virtual scavenger hunt for remote employees, can help!

Our off-the-shelf games can be played immediately or we can build a custom virtual scavenger hunt game to suit your organisation that your employees or students can play for years to come. Simply, contact us here. Our custom made games are popular with schools and businesses that would like to deliver engaging and unforgettable training material.

Online Scavenger Hunts for Schools:

Our online scavenger hunt games for students are popular with year 7 pupils starting secondary school. We tailor our online scavenger hunt games to your school's history and campus so new students can familiarise themselves with their new school as well as learn in a virtual escape room team building activity with their peers. Please see more information about our virtual scavenger hunts for schools here.

Online Scavenger Hunt for Schools Example:

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