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What is an online escape room game?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Online escape rooms have become more and more popular as the world gets comfortable with the remote way of working and communicating. If you have ever played an escape room you would know how fun it is to solve puzzles in a team and work against the clock! Now you can experience the same buzz through a virtual escape room game!

An online escape room game follows a mysterious story line where an online narrator provides clues that your team must solve to progress and escape the game. Clues can be in the form of images, videos, forum posts, sound clips or websites that send you around the internet looking for answers. Playing the game via a video conferencing platform allows your team to play simultaneously and solve the clues together by sharing your screen.

Example Online Escape Room Clue:

See an example clue from a virtual scavenger hunt multiplayer game below. Can you solve this scavenger hunt riddle to decipher the name of the day that is being referred to?

Answer is shown at the bottom of this article

Different Types of Online Room Escape games:

Virtual Reality Escape Room

Some online escape room games can be played via an escape room organiser streaming a live virtual reality feed to the physical escape room. Players then instruct the organiser to move around the room and interact with the space. These types of online escape rooms are more expensive and can be more clunky from a game experience perspective.

Online and Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Most online escape rooms and online scavenger hunts tend to have a bot narrator that follows a dynamic story line where players' answers and interactions determine the flow of the game. Having an online bot narrator means that the game costs can be kept low whilst maintaining the quality of the game experience.

Online escape room games are also referred to as:

virtual escape rooms

online scavenger hunts

virtual scavenger hunts

internet scavenger hunts

Physical Scavenger Hunt

Some online scavenger hunts have a physical element where you go between locations but follow instructions from an online narrator bot. These are a fun way of playing online escape rooms with friends but if you want to play a virtual scavenger hunt with friends who are all in different locations then an virtual scavenger hunt zoom game is the best online escape room option for you!

How to Play an Online Escape Room?

Get your online escape room game play code and set up a video call with your team via Zoom (or Microsoft Teams). Then elect one player in your team to share their screen and enter the answers in the game portal. This allows teams to follow the game questions together simultaneously on the shared screen from different locations.

It's a great way to play an online escape room with friends that is exciting and also cost-effective!

Some virtual scavenger hunts with answers are offered, whereby if players get stuck on a particular clue then they can choose to take a hint or be given the answer.

See our Online Scavenger Hunts:

Our online scavenger hunt games penalise players 3 minutes per clue and 5 minutes per answer given. To see how these time penalties affect the teams' finishing times, take a look at our leaderboards!

The above example clue was taken from one of our virtual scavenger hunt games that has a difficulty of 7.5/10

Check out our family virtual escape room multiplayer games and virtual scavenger hunt list for adults below:

The Hunt

Set 200 years in the future, you find yourselves in the middle of a world war and you need to find your way back to safety.

Cyber Takedown

You and your team are council executives of a place called Tech Town. Its water treatment facility has been hacked and you must locate the hacker and

Mars Attacks

Take a journey through space from Earth to Mars. You'll stop at the moon on the way and encounter a rogue robot on Mars. Do you have what it takes to overcome the threat and set up human life on Mars?

Example clue answer (above): Victory Day

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