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Year 7 orientation day ideas?

We have you covered!

There aren’t many things you do only once in your life but attending your first day of secondary school is one of them!

At OnlineScavengerHunts we work with schools to provide engaging and creative games to make Year 7 students’ first days during Orientation Week as memorable and enriching as possible. All while simultaneously teaching students about their school’s values, history and campus.

Our online scavenger hunts are played in teams of 3-6 students. Our games are played by students in their first year to help familiarise them with their school. Our year 7 education transition activities act as a fun way for students to meet each other in a natural way during what can be a nerve-racking first week of term at their new school!

What are our school orientation games?

Our school games are narrated by a chat bot that provides clues in the form of images, text, website links, Google map coordinates, sound clips and many more! The game follows a tailored story line that sends students, virtually, around the school looking for answers to the clues. We have three template story lines to choose from:

  1. Ghostly Encounters

  2. Memory Lane

  3. Space Odyssey

Our school games are custom designed for your school. During the game’s creative process, we research your school’s website, analyse any school material that has been provided and get a feel for the school in our initial discussion your staff contact.

See a sample of our game for Brighton College, UK and more information about our school games and story lines HERE.

Once the game script has been written we ask for staff comments. Once you are happy with the story line and clues we then upload the story line into our coded game platform. We then share the game link with you to play the game and provide any final comments. We also code a personalised leader board for you that is only available to your school. This allows all the teams to see their finishing times and can be a fun way to add some competition and even prizes to add even more fun and excitement to the activity!

Once the final comments have been received on the game and the final updates made, the game is then ready to go live and be played by the students!

Teams are able to take hints throughout the game. This allows the game to be played by all secondary school years as younger students can take advantage of the hints whereas older students tend to work solve the clues with less need to take hints.

See how we work with you below:

Get in touch today for more information about our games for Year 7 transition below!


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