1x Gameplay for: THE HUNT

1x Gameplay for: THE HUNT

1x gameplay for a team of up to 10 members (recommended team size 2-5 members).


It can also be played as a one player game.


The price listed is the cost for the whole team.


(Therefore, if you have 10 players, the cost per team member is $30AUD/10 = $3.00AUD each. If you have 5 members, the cost per team member is $30AUD/5 = $6AUD each)


The game must be played on a laptop or PC. (The game can be played on a mobile phone or tablet, however, we take no responsibility if your gameplay is affected by playing on these devices.)


The best gameplay experience will be when played on laptop or PC.


You can play with your friends over a video call too!


Simply make payment and click the game link in the receipt to open the game in your browser. Then video call your friends from the same device and share your screen with them so they can see the game on your screen and enjoy playing the game together.


Apply any promo codes in the cart or checkout when making payment.


Follow the instructions download link at the bottom of the order confirmation page, once you've made payment, to play the game.


Enjoy :)